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Who’s Next To Receive A Signature Sneaker?

For the first time in what feels like forever the NBA conference finals aren’t being dominated by guys with signature sneakers. We usually have guys like lebron, KD, Kobe, Kawhi in the conference finals repoing their brands along with their own signature silhouette. This year other than Steph Curry with Under Armour and Klay with Anta we don’t have any big name brands like Jordan or Nike represented in the conference finals in the form of a player with a signature sneaker. The league is getting younger so let’s look at some of the guys in the conference finals who seem to be up next for a signature sneaker line.

Jason Tatum

Tatum has been giving your favorite players nightmares for awhile now and that’s netted him a pretty solid deal with Jordan Brand. Tatum seems to be the first guy to get all the new Jordan models as well as some crazy PE’s lately on the newest models including my favourite, the “Boba” Jordan 36. With Tatum being the poster boy for Jordan Brand lately it seems very likely that the next Jordan signature sneaker line could be coming out of Boston.

Luka Doncic

I know that Luka actually just previewed his new signature sneaker line but I am putting him on the list anyways because they aren’t available for retail yet. Luka has been a walking bucket since he stepped into the league so it’s no surprise he’s up next for a signature sneaker from Jordan Brand. Full transparency I don’t love most of the newer Jordan silhouettes because they are mostly performance sneakers rather than Streetwear sneakers so it doesn’t get the juices flowing for me. That being said, the Luka 1 is a pretty sneaker and definitely has a little Kobe inspiration surrounding the design which I am a massive fan of.

Honourable Mention: Tyler Herro

Fresh off of a sixth man of the year season Tyler Herro could make that jump next season to a cornerstone player on a possible championship team which would garner buzz surrounding a signature sneaker line. Herro is currently with Nike and if he ends up resigning with the swoosh when the contract is up I don’t feel like he would get a signature line but I can see a brand like Adidas dropping a bag on his front door step and promising him a sneaker line similar to the deal they have with Donovan Mitchell. It will all come down to Herro’s decision when his Nike contract is up but don’t be surprised if you see him switch it up in hopes of a signature sneaker line.

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