When Will Travis Eventually Flood The Market?

Travis Scott has been spotted wearing a sample pair of Jordan 1 lows with his signature reverse swoosh, this time in a blue colourway reminiscent of the Obsidian/UNC blue Colourway of the Jordan 1. My first thought when I saw these was that they were a pretty solid addition to Travis’ extensive Nike library of kicks but as I thought about his entire collection I realized just how many shoes Travis had released with Nike the past couple years. Now all I can think about is “when is enough?”

Yes these are going to garner massive hype, the resale value will be astronomical and they will sell out but at what point will people lose interest with the Travis Scott collabs? Personally I have certain shoes I’m tired of seeing, the Yeezy 350 is one of them. The similarities in colour ways and the pretty much weekly releases has really dulled the luster for me in the Yeezy 350 and I think is Travis isn’t careful people might start to feel that way about his collabs.

Yeah Travis does different silhouettes and designs so it’s different from what Kanye is doing with the 350 but is the trajectory for these kicks the same? It happens with all good things, people get bored and they want something new. I don’t see Travis slowing down on the sneaker collabs anytime soon but she he get out while he’s ahead? There’s something to be said about backing out while it’s still hot so you can supplant yourself in the annals of sneaker history, maintain exclusivity and hype. Or you can choose the other path of constant releases over and over the hype will die, the resale value will lower and people will drop you like a hot potato.

I am never going to tell someone to turn down a bag the size of what Travis is getting from Nike but eventually the collabs will stop, how does Travis want to be remembered for his contribution to the sneaker industry? But also if anyone has a connect on a pair of his 6’s you know where to find me... (only kind of a joke)

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