Weekly Round Up (Best and Worst Dec 27-Jan 2)

Things I've Hated This Week

Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Rapper Sneaker Resale Market

MF DOOM X Nike Dunk

I know I always start these each week with some of the best things I’ve seen but I’m flipping it on its head this time and starting with something I hate because I’m the one making the calls here. Last night the family of iconic New York rapper MF DOOM announced that he had passed away on Halloween two months prior, rest in piece to one of the most influential rappers of the past generation. This is heart breaking on so many levels and I know that MF DOOM wasn’t mainstream enough to get the love and admiration that he deserves and that’s tough because the man was a genius. One of the worst parts about finding out about this news is that there are people out there who are going to try and capitalize on the fact that this man just passed by pulling out old pairs of MF DOOM X Nike Dunks and selling them on the resale market at an ungodly price. Already one of my personal grails I always make sure to check resale pricing on these sneakers a few times a week and even just this morning January first 2021 not even 24 hours after his death was announced the price of the MF DOOM dunks has sky rocketed. Buying and selling shoes is fine and I get it, but when you begin hiking up the price on certain items to capitalize on someone’s passing (think Kobe sneakers after his passing) you should feel bad about yourself. Real fans will now never have a chance to own the shoes of someone who has been so important to said person, all so you can make some money… I’ll take a step down off my soapbox for now but please, don’t be that person. Rest Easy to MF DOOM.

Best Things I've Seen

Bodega X Nike “Legend”

When it comes to story telling in the sneaker game no one does it better than Bodega. Bodega has taken their unparalleled story telling to a whole other stratosphere with the release of their Nike Dunk “Legend”. This shoe as you can see is made to look like it’s made out of the leather from a baseball mitt, which ties together the “legend” story they are trying to tell. Think back to your days as a kid playing out in the park running around with your friends, this silhouette hearkens back to the days of discovery. Much like that old baseball mitt in your garage has memories attached to it from days past this shoe is built to symbolize that item you personally still have from your childhood that has seemingly lasted forever and has memories from multiple stages of your life attached. For the people over at Bodega it’s a baseball mitt that inspired the shoe, for me it’s an old football with the laces busting and the stitching coming apart. What is your “baseball mitt” in this scenario, what do you still have from your childhood that makes you think back to the good ol’ days, just being a kid and discovering the world. Also one out of every 20 pairs of these shoes sold would come with the "Friends and Family" alternate pair that were not sold anywhere else and I personally love that idea.

Friends and Family Pair

Vanessa Bryant

The wife of the late great Kobe Bryant has come out since the release of the “Grinch” protro’s on Christmas Eve that she wants to be able to have Kobes sneakers in the hands of his real fans after backlash towards Nike and resellers from people who haven’t been able to cop any Kobes the past few months. The releases have been very small and the hardcore Kobe fans have come out and voiced their concern over the lack of transparency by Nike in regards to Kobe drops and they have voiced their disgust towards certain people in the resale world buying these sneakers up just to resell them and make a profit off of someone’s passing. This relates back to the first entry and how I find it disgusting that people are solely trying to make a profit off of peoples passing away but Vanessa Bryant wants to change this. She tweeted out that she wants to work with Nike in the coming months to correct this issue and give real fans the opportunity to cop Kobes sneakers. Vanessa is the real MVP.

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