Weekend Wind Down (The Return)

Yeah I get it, it’s been a couple weeks since the last post but don’t for one second think I’ve lost the touch. I had some loose ends I needed to tie up but we’re back and better than ever.

J Cole Is Everywhere

All this week J Cole dropped his newest album “The Off-Season” and signed with the Rwandan team in the NBA’s Basketball Africa league. It’s been a huge week for Jermaine and with him being in the news cycle we’ve got some unbelievable stories about his signature sneaker with Puma ”The Dreamer”. Apparently the shoe was inspired by Cole’s missed dunk during the NBA Dunk Contest when it was hosted in his home state of North Carolina. As the story goes the missed dunk inspired the sneaker because by missing the dunk it left something to work for, something to dream of. if Cole had yammed it down in front of America that night it may have been less memorable.

Bodega X NB

We‘ve got yet another Bodega and New Balance collaboration that I get to sit here and pine over while I salivate from staring at the picture. The newest collaboration between the two Boston based companies is in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Bodega opening their doors. I can’t wait to strike out on these and look at the resale prices day after day until I slowly lose my mind.

Mambacita Kobe 6 (Kobe Forever)

I’ve found it, after all these years I have finally found the perfect shoe. The marriage of story telling, design and charity surrounding this shoe make it an instant grail. One of Kobe’s most iconic performance sneakers of all time is getting a Mambacita make over for what could possibly Kobe’s final shoes with Nike and it is perfect. It perfectly encapsulates everything that Kobe‘s post NBA life meant to him, all while paying tribute to his daughter Gigi as well. This is going to be limited and hyped so buckle up for a wild ride when these drop. I just pray to all that is holy that boys and resellers don’t just snatch these up and jack the price through the roof and then the real Kobe fans of the world can never own them...

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