Weekend Wind Down (January 3-9, 2021)

Payton Pritchard

Boston Celtics rookie point guard Payton Pritchard is on my early NBA sneaker king watch list for 2021. Pritchard has been hooping in some sneakerhead grails lately courtesy of his Alma mater the “University of Oregon” and as a noted Oregon hater I guess I’ll have to give my guy some respect on this one. Pritchard has been hooping in his old college P.E’s lately and I cant blame him, Nike and Oregon always cook up something special everytime they hook up their athletes with some co branded kicks. One of the perks when you play at the house Uncle Phil built (Phil Knight), makes me want to mess around grow 6 inches taller and develop a jumper. They still accept 25 year old freshmen in the NCAA right?

Salehe Bembury

@salehebembury on IG

Yeah we get it every single blog has some mention of Salehe in it, but come on he’s in the lab cooking up some Michelin star heat lately. Bembury dropped a little teaser that looks to be similar to his most recent collaboration with New Balance but this time in an aqua blue and just from the 10% we’ve seen of these they pass the vibe check. I will be the first one on the website when these drop, I am so ready to get my heart ripped out of my chest by bots.

Nike By You Dunk 365 Resale

@nicekicks on IG

This has to be one of the most insane things I’ve seen in awhile and it may have single handedly ruined dunks for me. People who were able to buy their own dunks that they personally customized are now selling their own custom dunks on the resale market. Nike made sure you didn’t have the options to recreate any of their iconic dunks people greedy people all across the Internet tried anyways. People have made custom dunks similar to different iconic dunks of the past but still obviously their designs are not that close and they’re now selling them for upwards of $500. This is not a joke, this is actually happening and I’ve never been so disappointed with the sneaker community than I am right now. What have we done wrong as a community to get to this point, is it that people are really that greedy or is it the fact the dunk has been so hyped up last year and the beginning of this year that people will literally buy anything?

Yeezy 350 highs

@houseofheat on IG


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