Weekend Wind Down

Aime Leon Dore

Brooklyn based luxury clothing brand Aime Leon Dore is releasing a second wave of their ”International Friendship Through Basketball” collaboration with New Balance. The brand is keeping the same silhouette (550) and style from their first collaboration collaboration with New Balance but they are mixing up the colourways this time around. Instead of keeping the all over cream with coloured details ALD mixed up the colour blocking and the sole for a different look while still maintaining the same same vibe as their early collaboration. These are going to fly of the shelf, if you aren’t on the mailing list better luck next time.

South Park X Adidas “Towlie”

This year for ”that one friend’s favourite holiday” Adidas has a collaboration with the television show “South Park” on 4/20. This collaboration is centred around the character “Towlie.” I don’t know anything really about South Park but based on the design and release date it’s safe to safe this character partakes in the devils lettuce here and there. The overall design of the sneaker is interesting with the upper of the sneaker being made of an all over towel fabric and the defining feature being the eyes of the character on the tongue which are UV activated to change colours when exposed to the sun.

Baseball Signature Shoe Alert

Hot of signing one of the largest contacts in the major leagues New York Mets star Francisco Lindor announced that he will be releasing A signature silhouette with New Balance. This is huge news because baseball players as well as people from Puerto Rico because Lindor because the first ever Puerto Rican born athlete to receive a signature sneaker. I love that this sneaker will live on in history but you know what I’m not in love with? The sneaker as a whole, I’m not really into baseball so the functionality of the sneaker design doesn’t do much for and the silhouette is kind of clunky but by no means am I saying it’s a bad shoe, just not for me.

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