Weekend Wind Down

Kaws X Sacai X Nike

Starting off this weeks roundup with my personal favourite, we have a legendary TRIPLE collaboration between Nike X Kaws X Sacai. Street wear brand Sacai and Brooklyn based artist Kaws have teamed up to tackle Nikes Blazer silhouette. What I like about this collaboration is that Sacai has kept the blazer design physically the same as their previous collaborations with Nike but this time they have allowed Kaws to come in and play with the colour blocking in his distinct style or bright colours and dark lines, reminiscent of old style cartoon animation. I know the Sacai Blazer doesn’t get the love it deserves but resellers and sneaker heads alike are going to clamour for these. I want a pair but I know in my heart I don’t stand a chance.

Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy

Kanye was seen wearing these in Paris what seems like ages ago and many thought this silhouette would just be a sample and never see the retail light of day but tomorrow you can finally cop a pair of the Yeezy 450 in a “Cloud White” colourway. I have two very contrasting opinions on this shoe, on the one hand I hate them and would never wear these out in public, they are so far from my style I would look out of place. On the other hand however I low key want a pair to wear around the house, similar to a pair of slippers, this is a sweat pants shoe through and through. So if anyone is willing to off load a pair for retail hit me up, I wouldn’t pair a dollar more.

New NB 550 Colourways?

We have caught a glimpse of a new NB 550 colourway when Tokyo based design brand Auralee rolled out their fall/winter collection the other day. Right now it’s unclear if this is a collaboration between the two brands or if it’s just a new colourway I’m very curious because these are beautiful. If these release you better believe these are a Rolodex pair for me so keep an eye out for me asking for a favour.

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