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Weekend Wind Down

“What The” Doernbechers

Nike’s latest iteration of their Doernbecher line comes in the form of a ‘what the’ design. I can almost guarantee the majority of the people reading this don’t know what any of those words mean so let me explain. Nike’s Doernbecher collection are sneakers that have been designed by children who are currently at the Doernbecher children’s hospital. The kids selected have complete and total control over the direction of the sneaker and the results are amazing. These sneakers are then auctioned off and the money made is donated to the Doernbecher children’s hospital. As for the ‘what the’ design, the term ‘what the’ is used to describe a pair of sneakers that have elements of other iconic kicks of the same silhouette all integrated together. So we have 17 pairs of Doernbechers going up for auction on eBay over the course of the next week with all the proceeds going to the hospital. If you want a pair I hope your pockets are deep because last I saw the bids were at $600,000.

Carpet Company Dunks

Maryland based skate shop has an upcoming dunk release with Nike SB and in my honest opinion these are the best dunks I’ve seen from Nike in a very long time. The uppers are wear away uppers which isn’t a new technology but these kicks unlike lots of other wear away sneakers look equally amazing before and after they are worn away. Lots of times the initial upper design lacks in comparison to the design of the second layer.

How it feels waiting to get the notification that your entry wasn’t selected

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