Weekend Wind Down

Fake Fukijamas?

The internet streets have been HOT this week with some serious frame between rapper/sneaker OG Fat Joe and popular sneaker reseller @pgnows that all started with a mythical pair of sneakers that many people didn’t even know existed. The pair in question were a pair of Fukijama AF1’s, if you’ve seen entourage you’ll know all about these because of Turtles obsession with them. So Fat Joe is currently liquidating the bulk of his sneaker collection through Jaysse Lopez when Jaysse came across a mythical pair kicks the Fukijamas. Out of excitement Jaysse posted these to his Instagram and that’s where PGknows comes in. PG saw these and had a hunch they were fake, he sent some pictures that had been posted to a source he has and it was concluded they were fake and then outed Fat Joe on Instagram. Fat Joe hopped on his Instagram live and shots have been firing back and forth since. I realize that very few of you understand what I’m talking about but it’s been electric all week.

Whitaker Group X Nike Waffle One

The Whitaker group owners of Sneaker Boutique Social Status have released pictures of their newest collaboration with Nike this time in the form of the classic Waffle One but this time there’s an old-school twist. The classic silhouette gets the time travel treatment by being styled to look like it’s been around for decades. All sneaker heads know this look, faded colours and yellowed soles means that the shoe has had some miles out on it. The idea of using one of Nike oldest silhouettes and giving it the aged look treatment is genius, this really speaks to old school sneaker culture and collectors. Personally I like the faded and yellowed looks, I think that it really gives the sneakers a lot more character.

Even More Simpsons Heat

Hot off the release of the Krusty Burger ZX10000 adidas is back again with two more Simpsons inspired kicks this time inspired by the iconic Kwik-E-Mart Squishee adorning a superstar model and a second pair of ZX10000’s inspired by the flaming Moe, a drink straight out of the mind of everyone’s favourite bartender Moe Szyslak. Both of these shoes are pretty great renditions of their respective representations (that was a lot of R’s sorry for the alliteration) but my personal ranking of the three Simpsons X Adidas kicks has to be

  1. Krusty Burger ZX 10000

  2. Flaming Moes ZX 10000

  3. Squishee Superstar

The only reasoning behind the ranking is I’m more of a ZX guy than a superstar guy, all three are heat though.

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