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Jordan 5 PE’s

The last couple week Jordan brand has been blessing their sponsored university football teams with their own school specific PE’s for the athletes. Jordan needs to play fair, these all go so hard especially the Carolina blues, that it makes me wish I could go back back in time and do steroids in high school. Just go back and get all juiced up so I’m able to play down south and really cash out on the PE’s the athletes at schools like Florida (pictured above), Oklahoma and course North Carolina. The all over cracked leather upper is a nice touch and the materials looks top shelf, the only question I have is how many colours of laces are they coming with? Are the guys able to lace swap with some secondary colours to match outfits or what?!

Sneaker Thanos

My man has done it, he’s collected every single infinity stone, I mean he’s collected all the 1985 Jordan 1 colourways. I need to talk to this guy because I have so many questions regarding how he managed to come up on every single pair. Either he has been sitting on these for the past 36 years or he just shelled out an INSANE amount of money to get these in his possession. Even with an unlimited budget though these are hard to come across so you have to have someone just dedicated to finding these for you. Lil Yachty was on an episode of complex closets on Monday and brought out his pairs of 85 Jordan 1’s and talked about just how hard it is to come across pairs that haven’t completely turned to dust at this point. So shout out to Thanos over here gathering the grail of all grail sneaker collections.

The Siiiiiiimpsooooooons

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Today we have the release of one of the wilder pairs of sneakers we’ve seen in awhile, inspired by “The Simpsons”. We have the “Krusty Burger” Adidas ZX 10000 and honestly I don’t hate it. The way Adidas was able to to balance the Kristy Burger influences while still maintain the stylistic integrity of this shoe is impressive. Typically when we get wild sneaker collabs like this the shoe is more so for fans to collect rather than anyone to actually wear, the designs are outlandish and very hard to pull off with an outfit but Adidas managed to translate the story into an extremely wearable pair of sneakers and I commend them for that. I’ve never been a diehard Simpsons fan but these might have to be a cop.

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