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Weekend Wind Down

The weekly update on some of my favorite and least favorite things going on in sneakers and boy do we has some uuuuhhhhh, unique designs this week.

Yeezy Knit RNR BT

With daylight savings passing last weekend that days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder so it's the perfect time to look into getting a pair of boots. Have you ever wanted a pair of boots so preposterously large and clunky that everyone stares at you and makes you the center of attention?! Well look no further, Kanye/Ye/Yeezy or whatever he goes by now has your back. These suck plain and simple, the knit runner sucked so adding ten pounds of fabric and making them go halfway to your knee just isn't what I'm looking for. I don't know who woke up and chose violence when they pitched this concept to Kanye but they need to take an immediate leave of absence from their job. The Knit RNR BT is what you get when you have too many yes men in your life and no one that will hold you accountable for your decisions.

Swarovski X Nike "Air Force One"

Official pictures of a Nike and Swarovski collaboration have surfaced and they are extra to say the least. Not extra like double meat on an italian sub but extra like that pick me girl in your highschool that thinks she's the main character and we're all just npc's. You know the girl the one that constantly talks about her horse and thinks she's friends with everyone even though there is a finite number of people that tolerate her and its mostly just her mom and dad. These look like something that girl would wear to a school dance so when the light hits the crystals she thinks she's going have a Cinderella moment. These look like the inverted version of those ice spikes you put on your shoes in the winter that stretch over the sole so you never lose traction, worn really only by old people and runners. 2/10.

Aime Leon Dore X New Balance

Straight out of Queens "the worlds borough" we have New Balance 993 that has been given the ALD twist and both of these go HARD. Everything about this sneaker gets my blood pumping, from the material choices to the colors and the fact that they used the great Action Bronson in the official images make this one of my favorite sneakers I've seen in a while. ALD once again knocked this one out of the park. Every single aspect of this shoe compliments each other so well that it really deserves to be in the Brooklyn Museum instead of on shelves but hey that's just my opinion, what do I know it's not like I am the self proclaimed "taste maker" of the sneaker blogisphere or anything.

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