Weekend Wind Down

Nike Air Tuned Max

Earlier this week Nike announced that they would be releasing some retro air max sometime this year and one of the silhouettes might seem a little familiar and that’s the Air Tuned Max. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog a few weeks ago I posted about some shoes that I believe need to be retro’d and obviously I had this silhouette. The Air Tuned Max is one of my favourite Air Max silhouettes to ever release but they initially hit shelves when I was four so there was no way I would own a pair so I’m over the moon at this announcement. I’m not saying one of the three people that read this are the Nike board of directors but I did just bring an absolutely random silhouette from 20+ years ago and now it’s being released... really makes you think.

Trophy Room X Jordan 1

I know “not this shoe again and again and again” whatever I don’t care I call the shots here! This week we finally got official images of Marcus Jordan’s newest Trophy Room collaboration with his dads brand and for some reason people have had mixed reactions. The people that don’t think these are perfect are wrong, I know I preach wear what you like and have your own opinion but this is the perfect shoe and I refuse to hear any other opinion. The Jordan 1 silhouette, the all star details from Jordan’s first all star game and the quality of materials make this an instant grail. The February 10th drop date cannot come fast enough, also just a heads up if I know you even in the slightest I’m going to be asking for help copping a pair so keep a look out. Kobe PE’s With the one year anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s passing all week players across the NBA have been breaking out their best Kobe PE’s. Here’s a round up of some of the best colourways we saw this week.

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