Weekend Wind Down

US Inauguration or Fashion week runway

The initial sighting that set twitter ablaze

I don’t know if the new presidential administration has decided to add a secretary of drip or not but there were some notable submissions. First off we had Maisy Biden looking like she was about to hit Paris fashion week after the inauguration ceremony. Maisy came correct rocking her Jordan 1’s matching with her blue pant suit. Maisy wasn’t the one that stole the however, "The Sneaker Ciamp’s Official Drip of the Week Award" goes to Meena Harris’ husband Nick Ajagu. Initially the sneaker internet was set ablaze when people noticed someone rocking a pair of Dior X Jordan 1’s in the background but we were not able to see their face so they remained nameless, this was until street wear icon Bobby Hundreds put in his detective hat and solved the mystery for us all, Bobby thought he recognized who it was so he tweeted for confirmation. Hundreds tweeted at Meena Harris asking if it was her husband Nik, Meena confirmed that it was in fact her husband in a hilarious response "Yes smh"and people went crazy. In the. Least political way possible let me tell you how excited I am for this new administration if it means sneaker heat at every single event for the next four years!

Nik Ajagu W/ his children

Pata X New Balance “991”

Amsterdam based sneaker boutique Pata is collaborating with New Balance on a pair of 991’s in an earthy tonal colourway and these might be one of the cleanest colourways I’ve seen all year on any silhouette. The tonal pastel colours on the clean suede that adorns the majority of the upper goes crazy, these are pair of shoes that I can see myself rolling around a post covid farmers market in, drinking lemonade with the love of my life, letting the sun beat down on my face, that's the vibe that these kicks emit. This will be a pair of kicks where I empty the Rolodex just to try and get a pair.

Virgil, Virgil, Virgil and more Virgil

New images of a new Off-White Jordan 4 collaboration have surfaced, this time in a BRED (sneaker head for black and red) colourway as opposed to the literal off white colour of his last Jordan 4. This pair follows Virgils signature de-constructed style, how ever some people have voiced their displeasure with this design early on, saying that the toe colouring isn't what they wanted or they don't like the yellowing of the sole on the heel. Typical sneaker internet, bash a shoe because it’s not exactly how you would design it based off the initial leaked photos and then when we get more on foot photos everyone’s going to drool over these and then the resale pricing will get out of control. I don’t know what it is with Jordan 4’s but people seem to follow this pattern every 4 collaboration lately! A second rolodex shoe in the same week is not good for my bank account...

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