Virgil, Virgil, Virgil Just Jumped Over Jumpman

At this point there is no need for a last name he has entered the pantheon of Cher and Maddona, Virgil but does he deserve that type of treatment? Yeah I know Virgil is the design cog that makes the Nike money machine keep printing Benjamin's but at what point are we going to get tired of it? I understand that Virgils designs are bold and distinct from what are used to seeing in the sneaker industry but at when do we stop and talk about how the designs may be getting too outlandish. Virgils newest "Off_White" design that is sweeping the internet is his take on your favorite sneaker heads favorite sneaker the white Air Force 1.

This shoe is bad, straight up no mincing words. I know that we don't have official pictures and that's when people really start to get an idea about how a shoe will actually look but on this one I am going to ride it out with the take that these are an all around bad shoe. If I flip flop on these I will allow shaming on the internet because I am a sheep to capitalist America at this point. Virgil has had some breathtaking takes on Iconic silhouettes over the past few years but this one is a massive swing and a miss. It's not the Air Force 1 that is the issue here either because Virgil has put out some AF1's over the years that are in my opinion his best sneakers.

The issues I have with the sneaker is that it has been reworked into a shoe that

1) no longer has the heart of what an air force 1 is

2) is a mid

I feel like the mid hate is not a hot take on my end but I know some people swear by mids, those are just people I choose not to to affiliate with in my day to day life. This Frankenstein monstrosity of a sneaker has way too much going on for and it has become to far from the heart and sole of what an AF1 is that it just doesn't do it for me.

The Virgil/Off_White fan boys are going to come for me but whatever if they try to jump me I'll grab them right by their ratchet strap belt and send them into next Tuesday. Virgil has done some amazing projects and I don't mean to diminish those in any way but this sneaker the way that it looks right now is horrendous there is no mincing words about it. If you hate them too or think they are some of Virgils best work let me hear about it @thesneakerciamp.

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