Virgil Abloh and OFF-WHITE's New Nike Collection Goes Crazy

In 2017 Chicago designer and Kanye coaching tree member Virgil Abloh shocked the world when he released his collection with Nike and his street wear brand Off-White titled “The 10”. For this collection Virgil was given free range by Nike to do the unthinkable, rework10 of Nikes most iconic silhouettes. The sheer scale of this collaboration is something that has never been seen before in the sneaker world, ten sneakers dropping over the course of two months each of which were deconstructed versions of Nikes most important silhouettes they’ve ever created.

" THE 10 "

Virgils collaboration shook the sneaker industry to its core and it had sneaker resellers licking their lips dreaming about the enormous amounts of cash people were going to forking over just to acquire a single pair of shoes from “The Ten”. I know that I still personally pine over almost every single shoe from this collection weekly, knowing full well I’ll never be able to justify spending thousands of dollars for a single pair of shoes. Over the course of the past couple years since the release of “The 10” Virgil and Nike have released multiple pairs of kicks periodically but recently Virgil has confirmed the release of another large scale collection with Nike titled “The 20”


Virgils newest collaboration seems to be another ten reworked sneakers in his signature “Off-White” style including the Jordan 1, Dunk, and the AF1. When the news first broke people were unsure if it would be a 20 sneaker collection due to its name sake but all signs point to the collection being 10 shoes due to it being a second “The 10” iteration. Unlike last time where Virgil kept the colour palette mostly blacks, whites and aged yellows excluding the Jordan 1, this time around Virgil seems to be moving more towards a more colourful palette with a yellow Jordan 1 as the main focus.

A handful of the kicks slated to drop have been previewed in Virgils museum exhibitions in New York and Chicago at their respective modern art museums. Some of the sneakers that have been confirmed however have not been seen before these include (one of my favourites) Sarina Williams court sneaker, a pair of dunks (wow, what a shocker) and another AF1 that seems to be following the same inspiration of Virgils previous MCA/MOMA AF1’s just to name a few. I’m looking for these to be insanely limited much like the Off-White sneakers that have come before and if you aren’t able to cop any of these at retail good luck finding a pair on the resale market for under $1000 a pop.

Here’s my honest opinion on each and every pair that we have confirmed so far, all seven.

The OFF-WHITE Jordan 1 has always been a show stopper. The silhouette itself changed the sneaker game so Virgils take is always going to be an instant grail. The colourway is a little out there on this one though, if you can get the fit together to pull this sneaker off seamlessly its over for everyone else. Not my favourite of the new confirmed collection, probably my least favourite of the OFF-WHITE 1's but decent. 7.4/10

Tough render on these images but you get the point nonetheless. Can't go wrong with a pair of forces, keeping the same canary colourway from the Jordan 1, I get it but not quiet my wheel house. I like that the top shoe keeps the same energy as Virgils museum AF1's with the solid colour blocking. 7.5/10

Dunk hype may never die and Virgil is capitalizing on that once again with more iterations of the dunk. Although OFF-WHITE has released a few different colourways of Dunks over the past few years these are the best by far, the university blues are an instant grail. I cannot stress enough how badly I need the UNC blue joints for the collection. 8.9/10

Obviously the best for last. The Serena Williams "Court Flare" for me this is the best set of shoes in this collection. The practicality and performance partnered with Virgils distinct vibe land this shoe a special place in my heart. Both the purple and the grey colourways on this shoe just hit and I am going to need a pair. I'm praying these are the least hyped of the drop so I actually stand a chance to get them. 9.5/10

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