This Week In Kicks (Jan 10-16, 2021)

Yeah Virgil dropped a bomb earlier this week but I’ve already gone through that in depth so I’m not going to make anyone sit through me fan boying a second time this week! Other than the Off-White news here’s what’s been going on in the sneaker world this week.

Drake’s first signature shoe?

The wise words of Lil Wayne, “real G’s move in silence like lasagna” really rubbed off on his protege, Drake. The boy from the 6 has always kept things close to the chest and it’s evident once again when he dropped the “Laugh Now, Cry Later” visuals wearing a new Nike silhouette that had no name, until now. We finally have a name for the silhouette, the Nike “Hot Step Air Terra”. I’m all for this shoe personally but it’s not an everyday fit type of kick for me but when you’ve got that track suit vibe going this shoe goes hard. With rumors swirling of more “NOCTA” apparel dropping in the coming weeks it seems pretty convenient that the name of his first signature shoe (reportedly) seemed to leak. Rumors have been swirling that this silhouette is slated to drop in the fall so keep yours eyes glued to NOCTA’s IG page.

Nike SNKRS Lebron PE Vote

I’m going to preface this by saying THE PEOPLE GOT THIS WRONG, I’m all for democracy but whoever voted incorrectly should be put in jail. Anyways to the point, Nike and Lebron are giving fans a chance to vote in their favourite PE that Lebron has worn in bracket style voting in the SNKRS app with the winning shoe being able to be purchased. This is a dope idea that I think they should do again but with other hyped PE’s (Blake Griffins OU pe’s he won from a bet with Jordan). *Puts on a Trump mask* The only issue with the voting is that it’s COMPLETELY WRONG! *Takes mask off* The "Purple Suede” Zoom Generation (bottom row, second from the left) is the grail of all grails when talking about Lebron sneakers and it got bounced in the very first round. People really need to figure their stuff out so if we get another chance at PE’s like this they don’t mess it up again.

Porcelain Sneakers?!

Los Angeles based artist Brock DeBoer's art has made its way into mainstream sneaker internet and I couldn't be happier. The concept and traditional Chinese porcelain painting style make these a really cool piece to any modern art aficionado. Combining the present and past zeitgeist in a form that the artist excels in is a difficult thing to do but Deboer manages to do so effortlessly and the final product is clean, detailed and eye catching. I think I might need to get my hands on some of his art in the coming months. Check him out on IG you won't be disappointed @b_r_o_c_k on Instagram

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