The Strikeout Diaries

Yeah you guessed it, the internet wins again, sneakers heads stay winless and resellers always win. This morning the Salehe Bembury X Anta Sportswear sneakers dropped again for the second time and your boy struck out again. Every time I get surprised and upset that I couldn’t cop a pair of sneakers, I don’t know why I continue to get my hopes up but my dumb lizard brain always seems to think I have a chance even though I know there’s zero chance. Exact same shoes as the last drop about a month and a half ago and still no luck, maybe if the resale drops I’ll cop a pair but I see buying resale as a sign of defeat at this point.

I cannot keep doing these online releases, week after week something is broken, bots are running rampant and the core sneaker heads are getting worked by the system. For Bembury’s latest drops he has encouraged people to subscribe to the mailing list for early access on shoes (something that other designers such as John Geiger have also been doing for drops) and there’s a few things that have gone wrong for me with this. First things first I have been subscribed to the mailing list since the very first day and did not receive an email this time with the code (yes I checked junk mail/spam) I checked everywhere truuuust me. So no code means no presale and guess what, EVERYTHING SOLD OUT before the regular drop time so a glitch in their system means myself and many others who were signed up ages ago didn’t get emails (an overwhelming amount of people I’ve seen have the same complaint) only the more recent subscribers seem to have got the code.

My second issue is that I received the code for the initial drop a month and a half ago but was working so I couldn’t even attempt to buy the shoes. Why would you put a release in the middle of the day on a Wednesday?! That leaves it wide open for bots because the majority of regular people are working, trying to make money to buy the sneakers. Sometimes it just feels like everything is set up to push against the core sneaker community and taking advantage of people by reselling for 3-4X the retail price. It’s getting out of control and honestly at this point sneakers cause me way more grief than they do joy and it’s driving me crazy. I’m not out here only trying for super limited or hyped releases, I’m just here trying to get some sneakers that I love and support designers that do some incredibly dope stuff. I’m trying to collect and wear these shoes but because of greed I’m never going to get them but the rich people who can afford to spend hundreds over box price can have them and let them sit in a box forever, never to be worn. Someone needs to do something for the community so that people who are passionate about sneakers can even stand a chance because at this point I’m slowly losing hope.

All images are from @beaspunge on IG


Anyone reading this that is feeling generous I’m a US 11/11.5. Thanks

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