The Newest Member of The Signature Shoe Club

Over the weekend we got some professional looks at what is rumoured to be the newest member of the NBA elite to receive a signature shoe through their sneaker deal, Zion Williamson. It’s no surprise to sneaker heads and NBA savants alike that Zion is getting a signature shoe. Zions sneaker trajectory is in the vain of CP3 and Carmelo Anthony who both signed with Jordan brand early on, those are two massive names in NBA circles but not as much in the sneaker community. Both Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony signed with Jordan Brand early on in their careers much like Zion but was this the right decision for the NBA’s newest generational talent?

As we saw in the mid 2000’s with CP3 and Melo a Jordan deal is massive, it’s by far the most exclusive sneaker family to be a part of and is the dream of young kids all across the world for Zion however, this might not be the right way to go. Jordan Brand athletes who have the opportunity to create a signature line with the brand always seem to have longer stories careers in the NBA however when it comes to their sneaker line they always seem to fizzle out. Melo and CP3’s signature lines burned hot and died down almost instantly, why would Zion want something like that?

A player of Zions ilk wants his personal brand to grow alongside his NBA career as equals, such as Lebron for example. When you sign with Jordan Brand there is always going to be a ceiling ( which means Zion will never be able to grow equally brand wise as well as career wise, no one will ever be Jordan (culturally). On top of it all, I am on the fence with this silhouette. Maybe it’s the colourway or maybe it’s the bulky feel of the shoe that turns me away. I understand that a man of Zion’s stature needs something heavy duty but the general public who’s going to be buying these shoes don’t quiet generate the same amount of force through the sneakers as Zion does ( ) which leads to a consumer vs athlete disconnect unfortunatel. I hope that Zions sneaker line exceeds my expectations but I know enough about the industry that it makes me slightly uneasy.

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