“The 20” Update

A few months ago the news of a new collection between Nike and legendary designer Virgil Abloh was confirmed on Virgils website. The only issue was no one was exactly sure what was meant by the name of the collection “The 20”. Was it going to be ten new shoes added to his original “The 10” collection that he did with Nike a few years ago or was it going to be twenty new shoes. Images leaked of multiple different pairs of kicks including Airforce 1’s, dunks and Serena Williams signature court shoe just to name a few. I had predicted that it was going to be another ten shoes meaning ”The 20” I’m my mind was going to be the second half of a collection started in 2018. I was wrong.

According to sources Nikes collection with Virgil Abloh and Off-White will consist of twenty pairs of Dunks hence the name ”The 20”. The dunks looks good in regards to colourways releasing but overall I’m underwhelmed by the announcement. I like dunks just as much as the next guy but it’s getting tiring seeing new “hyped” dunks release seemingly every single weekend. There has been no confirmed release date for this collection however I’m assuming it’s going to release in the fall that way Nike can build as much hype as possible. It’s always something with the dunks lately and it’s just watering down the product for me at this point. Each of these twenty pairs are going to insanely limited and impossible to get retail which means the resale value will be crazy and it’s just not worth my time anymore.

Theres certain dunks and SB’s I love and need a pair of but none of these are it. After this collection drops Virgil will have dropped close to 25 pairs of dunks with Nike, all look very similar in colourways and exactly the same in design with the laces being placed overtop

of the shoe rather than through the shoe like a typical silhouette. Its getting boring and it seems like Nike is only concerned about making shoes that will fuel the resale market and they aren’t doing as much original stuff lately, just letting everyone design dunks. If this Dunk hype keeps going through the rest of the year there’s a strong possibility I’m just out on dunks all together. Bring back old Air Mac silhouettes or old NFL players signature turf shoes or even just do something new and creative (I know that’s easier said than done, but hey Nike if you have no more ideas gimme a shot).

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