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Teddy Santis' First New Balance Collection is Storytelling Gold.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

If you feel like you missed the wave of New Balance's seismic shit from “dad shoe” to street wear staple over the past few years now is the perfect time to hop on. Teddy Santis and New Balance are set to release their first collection together with Santis leading the charge as New Balances Creative Director, a position Santis stepped into last year. For those of you unfamiliar with Santis, he is the Founder and CEO of Queens fashion staple “Aime Leon Dore”. You can see how Santis took inspiration from Aime Leon Dore and used his perspective to design a collection of sneakers that perfectly encapsulate the story telling of the sneakers as well as who he is as a designer.

990 V1

It’s apparent that Santis’ style has translated from Aime Leon Dore to his collection with New Balance with his canvas this time around being the “Made In America New Balance 990”. Santis must think of the 990 as his children as he did not want to pick his favourite (although the answer is the V3) and he decided to release a 990 V1, V2 and V3 with this collection. The lux materials and understated tonal colourways of the sneakers are the perfect vehicle for Santis’ story telling. This collection is rumoured to be a part of a seasonal collection from Santis and the materials and colours tell the story of spring in the city in a way only sneakers and fashion can.

990 V2

The hairy grey suede on the upper of the sneakers perfectly encapsulates the snow melting away and revealing the dirt and sand that has been left over nestled in the corner of the road and the sidewalk curb. The light brown mesh underlay of the upper coupled with the cream detailing on the outsole and laces translate to trees that line the city streets shedding the snow, soaking up the sun and slowly blooming back to what they once were, no longer dormant. If there is one thing as a consumer and avid sneaker head that really gets my blood pumping its shakespearian story telling and Santis’ first New Balance collection delivers on that front. All three styles of the sneakers will release April 28, 2022 so keep your eyes peeled and your alarms set because these are going to be gone fast.

990 V3

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