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I’ve been hearing all about supporting the local business’ around Edmonton over the past year while we’ve been locked down but you never hear about your local sneaker stores. It’s been all about restaurants and other business’ and don’t get me wrong they need your support too but people always seem to just gloss over the fact that Edmonton has some pretty solid places to pick up some fresh kicks. Go support ALL small business’ but for the sake of the blog I am going to be covering some of my personal favorite places to get kicks around Edmonton that you can go and support.

First things first with the skyrocketing market surrounding dunks and Nike SB where can you get Dunks at retail?! To be able to have an SB account with Nike you have to sell skate gear so obviously that means you should go and support your local skate shops. The two best places to hit up if you have that insatiable itch for dunks are...

Nowhere Fast

Super dope studio to hit up when you have a second, always seems to have blazers on deck and they get certain dunk releases that get raffled. Sean Clivers, Instant and Safaris just to name a few. They have recently had a raffle where to be entered you have to donate to the Bissell Centre which is the definition of using their platform to promote the city and to help the less fortunate. If you haven’t been through yet I highly recommend, they have so much dope street art and skate culture merchandise.

Source Skate and Snow

This is your more typical skate shop, they have everything skate and snow related and with that comes the dunks everyone has been clamoring for. Source seems to get almost every single hyped Dunk release that’s dropped over the last year and they are all released through the same raffle system that most Dunk retailers use. I am still waiting on a W through their raffles but with the popularity of Dunks right now I don’t see that in my immediate future. Dope spot to check out trust me.

You don’t always have the chance to cop certain sneakers or clothing at retail so you need to look at the resale market to grab some grails and for that I highly recommend one place in particular

From Another

This local spot on Whyte has so much heat that its crazy and not just all the normal hyped stuff (yeezy’s, dunks, etc) you know this place is run by some real sneaker heads because they’ve had some more low key (sneaker nerd) heat including the NB X JJJJound 992’s which are a personal grail for me. Every single time I’ve come through they always have different stock and a huge variety of old school sneakers and new heat. The fact you can pick up not just sneakers but an entire outfit to go with your new kicks all in one stop make this a must visit shop in Edmonton.

I know times are tough but they are tough for everyone right now so if you have the ability please go support your local sneaker spot because if they go under its going to make copping sneakers even harder than it already is. Share your blessings locally instead of running to Stock-X or Goat, please!

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