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Sports Agents Are Getting Sneakers Now?!

Please accept this as my formal application to become a sneaker designer. I’ve decided to make this jump because apparently anyone and their grandma gets a sneaker now. It’s was announced that LeBron James’s best friend and NBA super agent Rich Paul is getting his own New Balance 550, yeah you read that correctly we have agents out here getting sneaker deals...

Is this where we are going as a sneaker community? Is it the Lebron James clout? What can I do? Should I switch up careers and stop helping out my community and maybe take a more greedy career approach if it means a sneaker deal? We have people busting their ass day in day out that shape the sneaker world and they don’t get a second look? We need guys like Matt Welty securing a bag from adidas, I’d love to see what kind of heat he has cooked up.

I totally understand that at the end of the day it’s all about business and I feel like I‘m gate keeping a little bit at this point but at this point we may need to chill out a little bit with the celebrity endorsements just a touch, when Jerry Macquire over here is cashing sneaker checks it really makes the corporate overlord vibe of sneakers really amp itself all the way to 10. I know at the end of the day I’m just a sheep, a cog in the sneaker industry that’s buying all these kicks but it’s times like these where you almost feel disrespected as a sneaker head.

Rich Paul made a good choose on the sneakers though, I can’t hate they’re kind of dope BUT that’s not the point! Keep the circle tight, we don’t need agents with sneakers.

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