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Rest In Peace To The Game Changer Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh, one of the most influential fashion designers in history has passed away at age 41 after a lengthy battle with cancer that he undertook in privacy. This news came as a shock to everyone when it was announced yesterday through a post made on his Instagram Sunday afternoon. Rarely does news of someones passing reverberate throughout society with the magnitude that Virgils passing has had. Seemingly the entire fashion and design sect of the internet has been opening up about their personal experiences with Virgil and what he meant not just to the world of design but what he meant to them personally.

Virgil has been a trailblazer when it comes to fashion and design in a way that speaks to an entire generation. Virgil was part of the group of creatives from Chicago that have seemingly taken over the fashion world including designers like Kanye, Don C and Jerry Lorenzo who are all legends in their own right but Virgil managed to achieve an almost mythical amount of success and notoriety during his meteoric rise to the top of the fashion world. Many people know Virgil from his brand 'Off-White" and their work with Nike over the past couple years but there is so much to Virgil than "The Ten".

Virgil cut his teeth in his younger years at a screen printing shop while moonlighting as a DJ in Chicago and that's where Virgil met Kanye West and his star began to grow. Virgil while working as Kanyes creative director began to develop his signature style inspired industrial design rather than other aspects of fashion like many other fashion designers. Virgil never saw himself as a fashion designer but rather just a designer in general, he never wanted to be pigeon holed in such a way that put a ceiling on what he could achieve. Most recently Virgil has been working as the first ever black artistic director of men's wear at Louis Vuitton which is a massive deal in the world of fashion and design. Virgils goal was to show little kids of any race, social class or status that they can do anything in the world if they are willing to put in the work.

Rest in peace to one of the best to ever do it.

Thank You Virgil.

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