Nikes First Hands Free Sneaker!!

Earlier in the week Nike released official information on a pair of shoes that has shared everywhere from hard-core sneaker heads, meme pages and members of the health care industry. This pair of shoes that has seemingly broken the Internet is called the Nike “Go Flyease” and it is a fully hands free pair of sneaker. This is different from self-lacing because for the most part you still need to bend over to get your feet in and out of self lacing sneakers. The “Go Flyease” is completely hands free you can simply step in and step out of these shoes without as much as a thought. This is huge for so many people across the world that may have had issues physically with taking their shoes on and off, I have been seeing doctors come out and talk about how excited they are that these are coming to market because they treat so many people over the course of a week that could have their lives improved by this design.

This isn’t Nikes first foray into hands free sneakers however this is their first completely hands free pair they plan to release. Nike has released different silhouettes of sneakers over the past couple years that have incorporated Flyease technology to make it easier for people to get their shoes on and off. These designs (pictured below) have straps to allow people to open up their shoes to get their feet in easier however they still ran into the same problem, “if you are unable to bend over how will you get these on.” This is truly the future of sneakers, self lacing is cool and all but its unrealistic and expensive, now that Nike has a working pair of sneakers at a reasonable price point (we can assume) that seem to solve so many problems that people with physical disabilities are facing that to me is beautiful.

I love the idea of these shoes and the colourways that we’ve seen so far (one in multi colour and one in black) are pretty solid and match the vibe of the shoe very well. I would love to buy a pair of these and give them a test run but that’s a grey area for me personally. I would love to own a pair but I know enough about sneakers and the sneaker world to understand that if people who don’t specifically need sneakers like this but just like them all get a pair then there will not be nearly enough for the people that actually need these shoes. When they release I’m going to sit on it for a little while and if pairs are still available retail I might grab a pair but for people who do not need these shoes I beg that you do not run out and grab these as soon as they drop. Give people who need them the chance to buy a pair. If these all sell out and I see resale pairs of these going for way more than they are worth retail I might actually blow a gasket. Please do not be the guy who goes out and grabs fifty pairs to resell, you’ll literally be reselling these shoes to people that need the because of their physical disabilities and honestly that’s a pretty scummy move, benefitting off of people in need. All in all though this is one of the biggest breakthroughs sneakers have seen in a really long time and it makes me excited for the future.

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