Nike To Begin Accepting Used Shoes For Refurbishment

Updated: Apr 22

Via Nike

One of the coolest stories to come out of the sneaker world over the last little while is that Nike plans to accept returns of used sneakers, clean them and then sell them again at a discounted price point. I love everything about this concept because it allows sneaker heads to get more sneakers that they like at a discounted price and if you’re actually wearing your sneakers and not just stocking them then this is perfect.

Via Nike

At participating Nike stores, which I’m assuming is going to be through their outlet style stores you’ll be able to return your sneakers to Nike where they will give them the tender love and care that they so desperately deserve. Nike will be reselling the shoes in three categories, like new (worn only a few times), gently worn and cosmetic defect. The goal of this program is to lengthen the life of pairs of sneakers which aids in the environmental footprint of the footwear giant, personally it’s probably cheaper for them to do this rather than make higher numbers of new shoes but I applaud them for hiding behind their morals in this one.

As an avid sneakerhead I love this idea because it’s going to allow myself to purchase more pairs of sneakers that I might have missed out on when they dropped. I wear all my shoes so if it’s coming slightly worn I’m not going to be too upset, especially if they’ve been refurbished. It is amazing how much of a difference a light cleaning on a pair of used sneakers make. I doubt that people are going to be dropping of coveted pairs of kicks but for people who missed out on certain general release sneakers this is an opportunity to save a little bit of money while also keeping sneakers out of landfills.

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