Nike Needs To Take A Look In The Mirror

Reports and even official images of the newest pair of Kobe‘s came out a few weeks ago, the pair was titled the “Mambacita” Kobe 6 protro. These sneakers set the sneaker world a blaze with speculation, are these going to be the last Kobe’s release on Kobe’s contract that was not renewed, will these be limited or will Kobes wife Vanessa have her way and have the shoes release in a general sense.

Two days ago in hand images were released after customers of a sneaker boutique in London accidentally sent the raffle winners for the ”De la sole” Kobe 6 protros pairs of the “Mambacita“ colourway and to say this was a massive error is a blatant understatement. When images of these surfaced Vanessa Bryant took to IG to set the record straight in regards to these shoes by posting the following statement on her IG.

So it’s safe to say that Nike really messed this up. I understand a store accidentally sending the wrong pairs to customers, that happens but creating pairs of sneakers that were never approved by the widow of one of your brands biggest ambassadors is a huge catastrophic mistake. That‘s inexcusable in my opinion and I’m excited to see the calculated fake response that comes from their pr team in the coming days apologizing for this.

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