Nike Has Been Backdooring Their Own Sneakers??

West Coast Joe should be the next supervillain in a Marvel movie because I would pay good money to watch this guy get launched into the sun. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about buckle up because this is one of the wildest stories to come out of the sneaker world in quiet some time! So over the weekend Nikes General Manager of North America had to resign because it was discovered that her 19 year old son Joe Herbert had a MASSIVE sneaker reselling business called “West Coast Streetwear” that was funded through a credit card in Anne Herberts name. Just the surface level of this story is bananas but when you get into the details it’s even crazier.

So the media company Bloomberg wanted to do a profile on this apparent ‘self made’ young entrepreneur who created one of the biggest reselling business’ in the country. Bloomberg then interviews the nameless and faceless mind behind the company. It’s just a normal interview and Joe talks about his company and then Bloomberg asks how much he makes reselling sneakers and Joe Herbert says that he makes roughly $250 000 usd A MONTH reselling sneakers. This kid is making $3 000 000 a year selling sneakers which is insane and at this point he is still anonymous so no one knows he’s been cheating the system. It isn’t until after the interview has finished when west coast Joe calls back to flex some more and talk about how great he is but here’s the kicker. When Joe called the reporter back his moms name came up on the caller ID because she pays the phone bill... This kid was making millions of dollars a year and his whole scheme fell apart because he wanted to flex and he doesn’t pay his own phone bill. After that the reporter put two and two together the details of Joe’s scheme have come to light.

So joe had taken a credit card out in his moms name and used it to buy up whole shipments of sneakers with his moms employee discount at the employee store on Nike campus and used the connection to gain access to sneaker stock that a normal person isn’t able to access. This guy was buying ALL of the sneakers and giving no one a chance to ever get a pair for themselves. He was buying hundreds of pairs at a time at basically half off then reselling them for 7-8X what he paid for them. Stealing enormous amounts of stock right out from under the noses of us normal people who have to rely on the SNKRS app (which also just happen to be headed by Anne Herbert) and he was buying so many pairs we couldn’t get anything but an L.

”West Coast Streetwear” set the sneaker internet a flame last January when they posted that they had ‘found’ six pairs of the highly coveted “Nike Mags” in a storage unit by coincidence. For those of you that don’t know these are the self lacing shoes from back to the future only 30 were made and they auctioned off to raise money for charity and are reselling for anywhere between 20 and 30 thousand dollars Canadian and he just stumbled upon 6/30 pairs in an abandoned storage unit. His mom Anne Herbert resigned faster than the speed of light the other day and it makes you think that she had something to do with this and it wasn’t just Joe all by himself and I kind of have to believe that theory. There’s been no evidence that Anne had a role in this but when you’re the GM of North America and your son is making millions of dollars a year selling sneakers there’s no way that she had no idea. He got so big that he had to rent a warehouse for all the sneakers. A FREAKING WAREHOUSE.

I’m all for reselling sneakers and stuff when it’s done correctly and fairly but when it comes to back dooring, bots and cheating the system that’s where you’ve lost me. I have struck out thousands of times on sneakers and this kid was getting hundreds of pairs at a time, I can’t help but hold resentment against this kid. Just look at the pictures, this kid is an actual sneaker supervillain. I’m not telling everyone to berate him on social media but I’m not opposed to it.


He posted all of the flexing photos and blurred his own face so people wouldn’t know it was him, pure comedy.

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