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Nike Blocks Adidas Shipments Over Patent Infringement

We have a good old fashioned sneaker war on our hands ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully you didn’t grab a pair of Adidas sneakers for your loved ones this year for the holiday season because big bad Nike has requested that the iBree national trade commission block nearly fifty different sneakers from being imported due to allegedly infringing on Nikes patents.

This would be a massive blow to Adidas if anime were successful in this total shut down of these sneakers. The patents in question revolve around Nike’s ”Flyknit” technology and Adidas “Primeknit”. Even just based off the names you can tell it’s going to be messy. Here’s the two side by side for comparison.

It’s all about the knit uppers of these sneakers and the technology behind it. You can see plain as day that there’s obviously similarities in it all but honestly I don’t know if I see enough to warrant seizure at that border. With the holiday season in full swing I think this is just a shot across the bow during the busiest time of year for these brands. I think this is more of a sketchy business practice or attack than anything else but if I’m being fully transparent I’m here for it! Let’s get this nice and messy, I thrive on the drama!

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