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New Balance X Joe Fresh Goods 9060 "Inside Voices"

Earlier today, Joe Fresh Goods released a short film titled “Inside Voices” which coincides with the raffle details for the drop of his newest New Balance collaboration that goes by the same name. Joe Fresh Goods’ latest sneaker collaboration with New Balance will be on a brand new silhouette designed by Joe and his team… the New Balance 9060. Personally, theres two things that really get me going in sneakers; storytelling and new silhouettes. It’s safe to say, Joe Fresh Goods delivered on both fronts and not just delivered but hit an absolute home run in the process.

The short film’s focus is on family and the sacred nature of home, touching on tributes to the parents, grandparents and the rules that make the home what it is. Joe speaks to his inspiration coming from routines, memories of his childhood and the little things that make a house a home. Whether its the rhythm of your mom wiping away dirt or the ice cold water from the garden hose on a hot summer day, Joe speaks on his experience growing up as a child in Chicago and the inspiration it brought him. His hope is for generations to continue to be inspired the same way he was. I love this because I am inspired everyday by the memories and moments I had growing up, all of these memories are what make me who I am today. Sandwiches on the back deck after running around the slip and slide in the blistering heat and and not wearing my outside shoes throughout the house right after the floors have been mopped. All the little rules, routines and moments shape us years later and mold us into who we are and who we will become. “The only reason you walk on water is to make sure your sneakers don’t get baptized” is the hardest line out of the whole video.

As for the sneaker itself I love what Joe is doing with outsole. Having the sole horizontally extend past the upper of the shoe in a semi uniform manner with the hits of colour on the sole being the sections that extend out past the upper is amazing. Anytime a designer creates a new mold for a sneaker it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It shows the trust that the brand has with said designer and when there is trust like that between brand and designer something special tends to follow. The two colour ways announced are “Baby Shower Blue” and “Penny Cookie Pink”. The colour ways are a perfect pairing sharing the beautiful pastel colour pallet which tones down the experimental silhouette of the physical shoe. The “Baby Shower Blue” pairs are an exclusive pair that will be limited to Chicago Residents where as the “Penny Cookie Pink” (available nationwide) are inspired by and pay homage to “Penny Cookies” or FunSnax frosted strawberry cookies. As a Chicago childhood staple, it ties back the childhood theme and memories shaping us individually as adults.

Joe Fresh Goods is not one to shy away from using his platform as a catalyst of change in his old neighbourhood and this release is no different. From 11:00am to 5:00pm May 9th and 10th, don’t forget to bring a donation of books or art supplies to the designated shops around Chicago in order to be entered in the sneaker raffle. This is an amazing way to galvanize the Chicago sneaker community to give back and build a better community for the kids growing up who will one day look back at these donations as the memories that shaped them.

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