NBA All Star Weekend HEAT

Another NBA all star weekend has come

and gone with Lebron now 4-0 as an all star game general manager. Aside from non stop artillery strikes from mid court there was one thing that stole the show this all star weekend and that was the kicks. It’s a forgone conclusion that the all stars don’t mess around with the kicks for the all star game, most of the all stars have a signature shoe anyways so they’re always trying to one up the next guy with some heat during the game. Here’s my round up of the best sneakers we saw debuted this weekend for the NBA all star game down in Atlanta (James Harden was a little busy with his lemon pepper wings to bring the heat this week).


I know that I can just copy and paste the last name but I know I’m going to mess it up still so here we are. I’m a sucker for mismatched colourways of shoes that still manage to compliment to each other and these “Freak 2’s” from Nike might be my favourite Greek Freak shoe from Giannis’ line.


As per usual Lebron doesn’t play fair, the face of the NBA always comes with something CRAZY! Lebron line of sneakers has been underwhelming to me personally since the Lebron 10 so I’m focusing on what he came through the tunnel in. Lebron had the early pair of Virgils newest Off-White X Nike Air Force 1. not only was it an early pair it was a hand customized pair by Virgil Abloh himself...

Luka Doncic

Luka come with the team Jordan PE’s on Jordans most recent silhouette in their numbered Jordan line the 35. The story and design of this PE is still unknown but these Jordan’s are wild, the bright green paired with the all over print and orange hits in the sole are crazy.

Steph Curry

Steph came through using his pair of Under Armour X Curry 8’s to show love for today’s International Women’s day. The lilac upper and clean lines of this shoe make this far and away my favourite shoe that Steph and Under Armour have come out with. If this is a pair that’s released to the general public I might have to add them to my collection as the first real Under Armour sneaker.

Dame Dolla $$$

Damian Lillard pulled out his Ric Flair collaboration with Adidas on his seventh signature shoe. This colourway is immaculate, the all over purple/blue colourway pairs with the materials perfectly. You knew the second Dame laced these up and stepped on the court he was going to hit the half court game winner with ease.

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