Major Figures In Sneakers On The Move.

Yesterday morning the sneaker world got flipped on its head with massive announcements on IG by two of the biggest names in sneaker collaboration. Both Jerry Lorenzo (Fear Of God) as well as Salehe Bembury (Versace) dropped massive news that is going to shake up the sneaker world.

Jerry Lorenzo

First off Jerry Lorenzo, the lead designer and founder of the street wear brand “Fear of God” announced that his brand will be partnering long term with Adidas. This announcement is massive because Jerry was previously with Nike and he was even given his own signature silhouette with the brand (Air FOG 1). It’s rare that a brand like Nike gives out a signature sneaker so it’s surprising that Jerry has decided to move to Adidas. I can only assume he secured the bag with this deal so I’m here for it but knowing that I now have no chance at ever getting my hands on one of my favorite sneakers is going to be hard to cope with...

Salehe Bembury

Salehe Bembury Vice President of men's sneakers at Versace (who I covered in the sneaker of the year blog) announced that he will be leaving his position at Versace Tuesday morning. Salehe says that he made this decision so that he can focus more on his collaborative efforts in the coming year, recently Bembury has been working with New Balance and fellow sneaker brand Anta on collaborations. I’m excited about this announcement because high fashion luxury sneakers have never really been my vibe so I can’t wait to see what Bembury has coming down the pipe in 2021, I’m praying for a New Balance 997 personally.

The departure of these two giants in the industry is a very fitting way to end 2020, just really flip everything we know and love on its head. I can not wait to see what these two cook up with their change of scenery, I think you'll be seeing lots from them in the coming year.

No blog this Friday with it being Christmas, I wish you and your family nothing but health and happiness this coming holiday. I truly appreciate each and every one of you reading and I promise there will be big things coming in 2021. Stay tuned.

It’s all love,


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