Looking Forward to 2021

Dunks, Dunks, Dunks and More Dunks

If you love everything Nike SB, this coming year is going to be right in your wheel house. Starting the year off hot Nike added the Dunk to their catalogue of silhouettes that you can personalize on their website through their “Nike By You” program. Nike also has 4 different colourways on the way on January 14th, three lows and a high with some of the pairs in full women’s sizing so any of the guys out there with shoe sizes 11+ better luck next time if you’re trying to grab a university blue. Nike has also been teasing lots of different Dunk colourways and collaborations slated to drop this year so buckle up and get ready for the year of the Dunk, again. Trophy Room Jordan 1


I know I’ve already spoke about this shoe because of the rumors of it dropping late last year but Marcus Jordan seems to have confirmed that this shoe will be dropping in February. This is an instant grail, I can not put into words how badly I need this shoe in my collection! Every night before I go to bed I pray to the sneaker gods that I’m able to cop a pair at retail price because the resale mark up on these is going to be astronomical. The OG Chicago colourway overlaid with all star game details from Michael Jordans first all star game in 1985 all on the Jordan 1 silhouette make me salivate. I have goosebumps just dreaming about these showing up on my doorstep...

Designers To Keep An Eye On


There are so many talented designers with shoe projects in the works that should be hitting shelves this upcoming year. Look for designers with "traditional" clothing design resumes such as Jerry Lorenzo and Salehe Bembury (who as recently as just a few hours ago posted a teaser to his Instagram, pictured above) to come in hot to start the year with collaborations. However lets not forget about the independent sneaker brands though, sneaker artist and customizer, Mache who's work you may have seen on many NFL players cleats this past season mentioned on social media that he has some new colourways of his first silhouette the "Centralia".

It looks like 2021 is shaping up to be a memorable year in sneakers, it will not be hard to out do 2020 with all the manufacturer delays and shipping problems world wide. To end this off I think I'll drop a little insider secret from someone who is the furthest thing from an insider. Look for an enormous amount of heat to drop this year based off of how last year went, with all the delays and cancelled projects. Look for some delayed W's or even outlet come ups this coming year, trust me.

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