Lil Nas X Has The Internet Up In Arms

Over the weekend rapper lil Nas X released the visuals for his newest song “Montero” and accompanying the video release lil Nas X has partnered with sneaker customizer MSCHF to put out a sneaker related to the videos thematic elements, most notably the satanic theme of the video. The canvas was a Nike Air Max 97 and this shoe has not just the sneaker the world up in arms but seemingly the entire catholic religion. People have been coming out of the woodwork criticizing the rapper for his take on the iconic Air Max silhouette.

The shoe (pictured above) seemingly borrows the idea of the liquid filled air bubble in the sole from the “Jesus Shoe” custom that was released a few years back, which was filled with literal holy water from the Jordan river. The twist this time is instead of holy water every pair of these shoes has a drop of real human blood in the sole (reportedly). The rest of the shoes make up has a pentagram lace lock, completely blacked out upper and each pair is numbered 1-666. Yeah he released 666 pairs, shout out to lil Nas X for really keeping the theme of the shoes. Each shoe retailed for around $1000 USD and apparently sold out completely within sixty seconds.

This sneaker has the internet set ablaze with hot takes and celebrities saying they won’t let there kids listen to “Old Town Road” (lil Nas X’s smash hit) and it doesn’t seem to phase the rapper in the slightest, plus if it means I don’t have to hear that song on the radio ever again I’m not going to complain. This morning the rapper appeared on complex‘s YouTube series “Sneaker Stories” where he mentions that the inspiration behind the design is because the media seems to demonize him already so why not put out a shoe to go along with how he believes he is portrayed by the media. As of writing this Nike has also released a statement that they are suing MSCHF for the creation of the shoe, the details are a little blurry currently.

I am impartial to the entire situation because I don’t really like how the shoe looks and I don’t really lean any which way on the complaint side of the shoe but I can see why people are upset. I think that if they are getting sued for this shoe the artist who created the “Jesus Shoe” a few years back should be nervous because there’s no double standards in regards to religion, right? Either way it’s an iconic silhouette, an ugly custom and the whole blood thing is weird and gross but if other people like it go for it.


I just watched the music video that inspired the shoe as research and wow, didn’t know Satan got down like that.

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