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Leaked Images Of The New Louis Vuitton X Nike AF1's

Back in February we saw the debut of Louis Vuitton X Nike AF1 collection through Sotheby’s auction as well as Friends and Family pairs. Finally we get details on the retail release including a look at nine pairs set to release. In February the 200 pairs that were sold at auction and fetched a hefty average sale price of $126,000 USD, these pairs differed from the pairs that are set to release to the general non billionaire public. The leaked images of the retail release pairs show nine different color ways that seem to be broken up into three different sub collections however its rumored that Nike and Louis Vuitton plan to release twenty one different color ways so keep an eye on the blog just in case we get more leaks of the other twelve pairs.

I would categorize the three sub collections of the release (pictured above) as follows:

1)How are you ever going to wear those with a real outfit?!

2)The not quite friends and family

3)This is what you think of when you think AF1

How are you ever going to wear those with a real outfit?!

These three pairs of AF1’s hit on more artistic and story telling notes with the crazy designs, bright colors and street wear vibes. The best way that I would best describe these three pairs would be Dapper Dan meets the Shoe Surgeon. The one pair is inspired by street art with the graffiti style art on the lateral of the sneakers where as the other two pairs if you look closely are embossed all over the metallic sections with the Louis Vuitton logo reminiscent of the work of Dapper Dan back in the day in New York City. These very well could be inspired by the 80’s and 90’s New York City pulling from the art and fashion that surrounded the street wear and fashion scene around those times.

The not quite friends and family

The picture above is actually a picture of one of the friends and family color ways that released back in February just so you can see the similarities between the designs here the only difference being color blocking. I am glad that these color ways were included and not made into mids… These are easily my favorite three of the nine color ways that we have seen and that's because of the toned down nature of the shoes and the massive Dapper Dan energy that these carry. I am realizing at this point I’ve named Dapper Dan over and over and if you don’t know Dapper Dan go do your research he was the OG sneaker artist. These three pairs are an automatic Rolodex shoe for me so anyone I have ever spoken to expect a text from me.

This is what you think of when you think AF1

Here we go the gold standard for the AF1 the all white AF1 is a staple so you know they had to come through with the pallet cleanser, you can’t have a *rumored* 21 pair collection of AF1’s without an all white pair. Such a good shoe that they even had to do a mid which I’m glad they did even though mids are not my personal favorite. Oh yeah and I guess there is an all black AF1 too *insert literally any black forces meme here*. So here’s my initial thought when I see a Luis Vuitton black AF1 it’s the meme potential of it all. The regular black AF1 has the criminal connotation surrounding it so does that mean an LV version is for white collar criminals? Will you be wearing these while bribing colleges to accept your trust fund kid? Do you wear these while committing tax fraud? All good questions and I need answers.

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