Kings Stay Kings: Ronnie Fieg

Ronnie Fieg dropped a massive bomb on the sneaker world this morning. Ronnie went to Instagram to break some news to the world, Ronnie is going to be starting his own sneaker design company and some of the details he shared are pretty exciting for the sneaker head community.

Fieg took to Instagram to wax poetically about his desire to design his own sneakers from the ground up which he planned to call “World of Niche” in reference to his desire to design sneakers for people on a one to one basis, master craftsmanship and only the highest qualities of materials were going to be used. With the massive growth of his brand Kith Fieg was unable to give “World of Niche” the attention and time that it deserved so unfortunately that dream fell by the wayside after operating for only a short period of time.

Fieg then goes on to say that over the last two years conversations about his idea have re-emerged however this time he would be partnering with a brand rather than doing it all himself, this time the partnership would be with a brand near and dear to Fiegs heart, Clark’s Originals.

This time around the ”World of Niche” name has pivoted to “8th St” which looks to be a subsection of Clark’s Original where Fieg will be ground up designing full silhouettes of sneakers rather than just collaborating on pre existing sneaker silhouettes which he has been doing with Kith the last ten years. Ronnie Fieg to me is the absolute upper echelon of sneaker designers so anything that he puts out I can guarantee will be amazing so I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to grab some of his upcoming designs. Fieg also teased his first silhouette the “Lockhill” (pictured above) And it’s absolutely perfect.

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