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Jordan Brand And Make-A-Wish Are Making Dreams Come True

I decided to pass up on the weekly "Weekend Wind Down" this week for a story that is so much more important than any asinine hot take I could possibly have about sneakers. Jordan Brand and the Make-A-Wish Foundation came together to grant the wish of Jordan Carranza a young sneaker head who is wheelchair bound. Jordan an avid sneaker head always had one problem with sneakers, the accessibility. Due to Jordan being bound to his wheel chair he always had issues with getting his sneakers on and off, this was until he saw that Nike had developed a new sneaker technology they called Flyease. Flyease for those of you that don't know is a new technology that Nike created that make it much easier for people with physical disabilities to put on and take of their sneakers by adding extra straps, more ankle room as well as allowing the shoe to almost fully open itself up around the heel.

JB (for the rest of the blog to make it easier JB is Jordan Brand and whenever I use the Name Jordan its Jordan Carranza) had Jordan Carranza help out with the design of the sneaker from the ground up including the colorway and a few other cosmetic details to really personalize the shoe. Pictured below you can see the designs that Jordan sent into JB with his inspiration and design elements he wanted included on the kicks.

Jordan Chose the specific blue colorway because it reminded him of sneakers that he used to have back in the day before the wheel chair. It is so cool to see how JB was able to incorporate all of Jordans designs into the sneaker while also adding their flyease technology into the sneaker to make it functional as well as stylish.

Just look at the details that Jordan was able to dream up and add into the shoes. He has the embossed wheelchair symbol on the lateral part of the heel, the inner lining of the sneaker as well as the tongue are covered in wheelchair symbols and the cherry on top of it all is the insole. On the insole of the sneaker JB scanned Jordans own hand writing and added a message to inspire everyone facing the same challenges that Jordan himself faces. The insole reads "Just because your disabled doent mean that your dream cant come true. -JC" This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time and it really makes you think about your own life and be grateful, Jordans words of encouragement are also a much needed boost of motivation that everyone needs. Shout out to Jordan who absolutely killed these, I can't wait to see how many people he is able to help with these sneakers which are set to release. Here are a few more pictures of the details of the sneakers.

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