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Jordan 37 Leak?!

Is this a possible first look at Jordan’s next model in their main line, the Jordan 37? An image leaked earlier today by an Instagram “23mj88” showinfo what could possibly be a rough outline of what the Jordan 37 could look like. Jordan Brand has not come out with an official statement regarding the Jordan 37 but from the image this silhouette doesn’t seem too far off of what Jordan Brand has being doing lately with their main line designs.

I am interested to see if this possible leak pushes Jordan Brands hand and they announce the new silhouette sooner then they anticipated or if they just let the internet run with this image and make their own assumptions about the sneaker. As far as performance main line Jordans go I kind of like the vibe of this sneaker more than the last few iterations of Jordan’s main line. The last couple main line Jordan’s have left me wanting more so fingers crossed they can deliver a spark to a lacklustre line with a strong lineage.

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