Is Drake The Worst?

Can we talk about Drake for a second? Over the past decade he has come out with some unbelievable collaboration’s. BUT the majority of his success comes when working with Jordan brand. Lets not forget he had an OVO desert boot with “Clarks” a few years back. Drakes place in sneaker culture is as mysterious as it gets, given the sheer magnitude of his stardom. In this age of social media and zero personal privacy Drake has somehow managed to go upwards of a decade with very little known about his collabs, dates and drops. I’m not saying he isn’t flexing on everyone though, because he is, right in our faces! Lately it seems like every music video he drops he is rocking unreleased kicks with zero info on when these kicks are dropping or if the kicks will JUST be another pair of Friends and Family only.

Drake was with Jordan brand for a while and he gave us some absolute heat in the form of 4’s, 8’s, 10’s and 12’s. Though it seems like there were just as many, if not more models that never dropped. In the category of unreleased OVO X Jordan collabs we have some absolute HEAT! There was the University of Kentucky colourway “Calipari pack” in homage to Drakes fandom of the University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball team (please watch). The shoes unofficial name stems from his relationship with head coach John Calipari. Unfortunately the shoes never saw the light of day to the general public. More unreleased heat from Drake includes Jordan 14’s “Gods Plan” samples. Those samples are currently selling on the market for upwards of $30 000 CAD (yes, you read that correctly). Another pair of unreleased heat by Drake, and my personal favourites are the OVO X Jordan 11’s. If you’re not familiar these are the pair with the wrap around snakeskin instead of the usual paten leather. There has been samples’ floating around in both colourways of grey and pink. Both of these go HARD. And yet NBA sneaker king PJ Tucker somehow managed to find both colourways of these 11’s. At the end of the video for “Chicago Freestyle” he sits in a vault and rubs these in our faces for a good minute. Drake is basically that annoying kid from elementary school who won’t leave you alone and keeps saying “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you”, while being right up in your face the entire time.

OVO X Jordan 11

There was speculation that Drake had a falling out with Jordan brand a few years back. There was even some drama with him possibly signing to Adidas during his beef with Pusha T. After the heat died down in their beef Drake ended up back at Nike, but no longer with Jordan Brand. Since then he’s been spotted wearing tons of unreleased stuff. Basically flaunting his ability, and pull with the Nike, to get as much one of one heat as possible. Every time he drops a new music video or Instagram post everyone is going crazy trying to figure as much as they can about what he’s wearing. Drake filmed an entire video for “Laugh Now, Cry Later” at the Nike campus (in Beaverton) with big name Nike athletes OBJ, Kevin Durant and Marshawn Lynch and once again during one of the scenes he’s wearing an unreleased pair of what look to be a brand new silhouette.

Drake in the apparent "Terra Humara"

Most recently he was posting on his IG story these giant lights that look like swords through the Toronto skyline. He even went on to dropped an Instagram account that’s name was just a date in December. The post has since been deleted (ooooohhhhh so mysterious, who is this guy, Travis Scott???). People have been assuming that this is the date for his latest collaboration with Nike. Others are speculating that may be the drop date for his latest album “Certified Lover Boy”. Again who knows with this guy or if this date is even significant. Everything has to be cool and mysterious with Drake, I don’t hate it but please for the love of God I need a release on those snakeskin 11’s.

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