I Hate Sneakers

I know I said I would stop talking about this shoe for a little while on Monday and here I am again, two days later talking about the same shoe. This time though I’m going to have to eat my words a little from Monday’s blog about how Trophy Room had the whole online release thing figured out. Anyone who tried to cop a pair of this morning was met with a bounce back email saying their mail box was full due to all the submissions for the raffle, did they not think this was going to be a big raffle?! They ended up re-opening the raffle again an hour later and the raffle entries went through thankfully but that’s not what’s annoyed me about this shoe this morning.

There’s been some rumours swirling around regarding this shoe over the last couple weeks and I can’t confirm their validity but as times gone on the last few weeks the rumours seem to really have some legs. “Rumour Has It” (9.7/10 joke) that Marcus has been back dooring (selling the shoes to friends or other before the drop for a much higher price) large amounts of kicks to resellers all over the internet leaving almost no pairs for the real sneaker heads during the raffle. Initially I didn’t believe this was true but I have seen more and more sneaker resellers posting pictures with close to 100 pairs at a time, which is an insane amount due to the fact they’re numbered and only 12,000 pairs exist total.

A pretty big name in the resale game had pairs on his IG that he was selling for $2,500 a pair average and then posted what looked to be a stock list of the number of pairs in each size that were available for the raffle The sizing list broke down looked as follows size 10: 17 pairs, size 11: 23 pairs, size 11.5: 1 pair. 12,000 pairs of shoes and only about 100 pairs total releasing to the general public...

The whole story behind this shoe is about Michael Jordan getting frozen out of the all-star game in his rookie season and apparently Marcus Jordan thought that freezing out regular people from getting his shoes would really bring the whole thing full circle. Obviously I’m joking but this is insane, Nike hasn’t stepped in and done anything about it when all this is doing is putting a blemish on their resume.

I understand that back dooring happens and that’s life so I’m not mad about that, the thing that gets me is the sheer amount of pairs that were back doored. From what I’ve seen Marcus back doored about 90% of his stock making it next to impossible to cop the shoes. So for all the raffle entries (likely over 2,000,000) there’s only going to be about 100-150 pairs available to the public, you’d be better off buying a power ball ticket and buying a pair resale at this point. Obviously this is all speculation but the sources are pretty refutable so keep an eye out for fall out in the coming weeks if any of this is proven. Now I’m probably done talking about this shoe for a little while.

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