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How To Order Pizza With Your Sneakers

With Salehe Bembury announcing on his Instagram that his “Universal Communication” New Balance 574 YURT is releasing in three brand new colourways it got me thinking. What are the best sneakers with practical real world uses? I’m not talking about extra ankle support or orthopaedic insoles for your back. I’m talking about sneakers that are multi faceted, kicks where looking fly comes second.

Salahe Bembury X New Balance 574 YURT

You know we had to start the list with my muse for the blog the 574 YURT. Anyone that follows the New York raised LA based designer Salehe Bembury on social media knows that he draws his inspiration from the natural world around him. Inspiration that he chronicles near daily on his Instagram stories of him hiking or watering the jungle of foliage in his studio. Salehes New Balance collaborations over the last few years have drawn direct inspiration from different places he has travelled and hiked. Salehes most recent New Balance collaboration however draws inspiration not from the nature he is hiking through but rather it is drawn from the act of hiking. As you can see in the picture above there is an elongation of the heel with what seems to be a plastic add on to the sneaker. The plastic tip on the heel of the shoe is actually a whistle, one of the most important items an avid hiker must have whenever they leave home. Typically used to call for help if in an emergency Salehe has managed to work a functional whistle into the sneaker while still keeping the aesthetic composition of the shoe in mind.

Nicole McLaughlin

If you don’t already follow her on Instagram I highly recommend, one of the most interesting designers you’ll find on social media. Nicole McLaughlin focuses on up-cycling, the art of finding uses for things that have either been discarded or deemed useless. This has led McLaughlin down the path of creating clothing and accessories out of ordinary everyday items, she has evolved her design practices as times gone by and if it’s not nailed to the floor or fastened to a wall Mclaughlin will find a way to turn it into clothing. Some of my favourite designs which I’ll throw pictures of below include slides to hold your fries, house shoes to help you paint your kitchen and some high heels for when the waiter forgot to put your order into the POS system. All pics courtesy of @nicolemclaughlin on IG.

Pizza Hut ”Pie Tops”

The term GOAT gets thrown around a lot these days but not everyone or everything can be the greatest of all time, that’s reserved for one and I have found the one. In 2017 as a marketing campaign centred around The NCAA basketball tournament ”March Madness” Pizza Hut seeded a special few a pair of sneakers that they designed. Sneakers from a pizza company sounds like a really weak attempt to hop on the sneaker wave sweeping the country, however something about these monstrosities made them stand out. THEY CAN ORDER YOU PIZZA. After setting up your account on the app and selecting your delivery address and order with just the press of the tongue your pizza order is placed at the nearest Pizza Hut store. By pressing the button on the tongue you have changed the course of your day for the better knowing you‘ve got a steaming hot 4/10 pizza on its way to you. Unfortunately very few pairs of these were made, secondary market pricing on these have them around $10,000 USD right now. A small price to pay for pizza.

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