Here We Go Again...

Once again Nike is fuelling the hype and resale market that seems to be 90% Nike Dunks by adding the Dunk back onto their “Nike By You” feature of their website. Nike By You is a customization feature on Nikes website where consumers can create their own colourways of iconic silhouettes. The only issue with this program is Nike has it set up so that you cannot recreate their most iconic colourways but that’s not stopping resellers from trying.

When Nike opened up the Dunk on their Nike By You program a few months ago resellers flocked to the platform during the short hour long window where you could check out, where they made (as close as possible) copies of old Iconic dunk colourways. Then within five minutes of checking out had these sneakers up on all the sneaker resale platforms, at a 3-4X mark up which is criminal. At this point just buy fake pairs of sneakers at a normal price rather than a bad custom at a huge price tag.

With the Dunk being live again on Nike By You just means there’s going to be another influx of knock off colourways at massive mark ups and I think this whole situation might make me angrier than anything else within the sneaker would and that includes bots. It so lazy for Nike as well as resellers and there’s going to be some poor kids buying these sneakers thinking that they are the same as their grails just to realize after the fact that they just burned $500 on a garbage pair of kicks. Nike we need you to be smarter, stop enabling these resellers it’s embarrassing.

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