Greatest Holiday Sneakers Of All Time.

With the NBA’s pivot towards playing annual Christmas day games over the past decade or so we have received some absolute GAS in regards to holiday themed sneakers. While researching for this blog I knew my top five off the dome instantly even though some of these sneakers were worn one game ten years ago, this shows the staying power of the holiday themed sneakers we have been seeing. The typically “out in left field” designs emblazoned with bright colours and sometimes graphic designs make Holiday themed sneakers some of the most memorable in recent history.

#5 LeBron 11 “Christmas”

The 11 is one of LeBrons most iconic silhouettes, pair that with the bold Christmas themed colourway and you have an instant classic. The minty green colourway accented with the cherry red swoosh, laces and liner is an instant eye catcher. After further inspection you notice that the upper is overlaid with a floral holiday print as the cherry on top. Instant classic.

#4 Nike SB X Concepts “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

Concepts once again came correct with a wild off the wall colourway this time on the Dunk silhouette. The upper of the dunk is completely covered by a Christmas themed graphic design that’s inspired by the infamous “ugly” Christmas sweaters. Over the past decade ugly Christmas sweaters have become more of a meme with the Internet seemingly one upping themselves in regards to Christmas sweater designs each and every year. This makes Concepts take on a holiday shoe all the more topical and wearable when you’re heading to that holiday party (next year).

#3 Adidas Crazy 8 “Nightmare Before Christmas”

First off to anyone that thinks “Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween movie you are wrong and I kindly ask you to never speak to me again. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way this shoe is next to perfect. The distinct purple colourway is something that you are not accustomed to seeing on court during a Christmas day game so it really makes you dive deep and research the story. Inspired by Tim Burtons take on a Christmas movie the all over purple colourway accented with the speckled sole and laser upper perfectly capture the story the sneaker is telling while still being wearable

#2 Adidas D Rose 7 “White Christmas”

Although this sneaker lacks in the story-telling department compared to some of the prior entries it more than makes up for that with its icy sole and all over clean colourway. The icy blue sole accented with matching laces and eyelets make this shoe really pop against the white background of the upper. The cherry on top has to be the heel cup, this iridescent icy heel cup is an immediate draw for your eye and it perfectly complements the shoe much the like the shining star that adorns the top of your Christmas tree. Plus the sole is made of boost so you know you’re going to be hooping on clouds.

#1 Kobe 6 “Grinch”

Originally a PE this shoe would later see a very limited release and now a re-release on this sneaker will be coming Christmas eve 2020 so get your alarms set to hit the SNKR's app and get your hearts broken. This is a very anticlimactic entry to this list at number one because it is the undisputed perfect holiday sneaker. I tried my best to make it exciting but this shoe is perfect. The iconic Grinch colourway inspired by Dr. Seuss’ classic story of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" found its perfect athlete to tell the story. Kobe Bryant is the perfect person to tell the story of the Grinch because of his hard nosed in your face competitiveness, he will never apologize for who he is but once you get past the tough exterior you can see that Kobe Bryant was one of the most passionate and caring people the world has ever seen. Rest in peace to king and to my own personal inspiration to always be chasing dreams and doing what I love with all of my energy. Rest easy, we miss you.

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