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G-Eazy Is The Latest Victim Of Not Wearing Your Sneakers Enough

Trying to flex old sneakers has backfired on another celebrity, this time the victim of the sole crumble was rapper G-Eazy. G-Eazy was curtsied at the Boston Celtics versus Philadelphia Seventy Sixers game when the soles of his Nike Air Yeezy 2’s started to crack and crumble. You see stuff like this happen all the time on the internet but you also see people flexing OG 1985 pairs of Jordan 1’s that haven't fallen apart so why do some sneakers fall apart after time and others don’t an how can you keep your sneakers from crumbling as long as possible?

Materials play a huge part in the degradation process so you have to be aware of what your sneakers are made out of if you plan to sit on a pair for decade or more. The biggest culprit in my opinion is the sole, the sole of your kicks will typically be the first part of the sneaker to go. The majority of sneakers have soles that fall into one of two categories, the first being rubber and the second being foam. Sneakers with rubber soles are going to last a lot longer than foam soles so look for rubber soles. Pairs like Nike Air Force 1’s and old 1990’s turf shoes are perfect examples of kicks that will age gracefully because of the soles and there is a large sample size of these sneakers from back in the day that show us that rubber soles will last decades at a time when treated properly.

For those of you sitting there thinking “Oh man most of my shoes have foam soles I’m screwed” just know that's not always the case. Yeah at the end of the day rubber is going to outlast foam but there's one huge thing you can do to help your sneakers live a long beautiful life and that is WEAR YOUR DAMN SNEAKERS. Sneakers are meant to be worn so do just that and wear them. The issues come from when guys like G-Eazy grab old dead stocked pairs of kicks then throw them straight to feet. Your sneakers need to be worn because the wear on the sneakers aids in the materials life because it helps compress foam of the soles therefore giving a firmness and rigidity to the soles. Imagine you have an old and extremely dense food cake okay, you can throw that thing from the top of the Empire State Building and its going to cause more damage to the ground than to itself whereas if you were to have a light airy piece of cake and you let it sit for the same period of time you can crumble the cake in your hands with next to no effort what so ever.

You have to wear your shoes if you want to get the most out of them and that's just a real hard hitting scientific fact from your local Sneaker head Bill Nye. Just look at this video ( and see how the sole just rubs apart with no effort at all. That's why you see celebrities sneakers falling apart after 12 years like G-Eazy’s Yeezy’s. I totally understand sitting on sneakers for a little bit before breaking them out don't get me wrong but if you're going to sit on a dead stocked pair of kicks for ten plus years just make sure you have some slides in your bag ready to go at any moment.

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