End Of Season NBA Sneaker Round Up

With the NBA’s regular season coming to a close this past weekend, it’s the perfect time to go back and reflect on the sneakers we saw last season. All season long we saw some guys following in PJ Tickers foot steps and rocking some crazy samples, retro’s and other heat in game but for the purpose of this I’m looking back at my favourite signature sneakers of the season.


Have to start with the GOAT, Lebron is 18 sneakers in and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of Lebrons signature line but I respect it. I love Lebron watch but other than that the only Lebrons I’ve been in love with are the Kith 15’s and the zoom generations! Lebron is going to come with heat every year and the colourways are going to be outrageous, hoping he gets a deep playoff run to see what Nike has up their sleeve.

Spida Mitchell

The best Adidas signature line and I won’t hear any different. The design is clean the functionality is on point and the colourways ALWAYS come correct. The mailman colourway might be the best Adidas basketball sneaker of all time, HOT TAKE. Mitchell’s rising star and affordable sneakers make them fly off the shelves so you already know Adidas is going to keep his line going strong through the foreseeable future.


Love him or hate him you have to respect Kevin Durants sneaker history. KD has pumped out some of the most iconic silhouettes of the past 15 years and there’s no stopping him. The biggest flex is that when NBA sneaker heads break out old retros to flex at games more often than not it’s old KD’s. On top of that you have the NBA’s undisputed sneaker king PJ Tucker always rocking KD’s when he wants to flex, PJ has even gone as far as stating that the Creamsicle KD 2 is his favourite basketball sneaker of all time. Like how a great album had no skips neither does KD‘s sneaker line and the 14 that he released this season is just another notch in his belt.

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