Easter Sneakers Have Become Lazy

Sneaker brands will use any sort of excuse to release ‘limited edition’ shoes which means every single time there is a holiday you can expect companies such as Nike to release a themed pair of sneakers. The use of nostalgia and colour blocking brings one back to the days when you were young and holidays mystified you with the magic of Santa or the Easter Bunny. Nike will use any chance it gets to push the narrative of exclusive and use that as the major selling point for their product.

For Nike Easter always seems to be one of their biggest holidays in regards to releases even though from year to year the formula never really tends to change. It’s the same four to five pastel colours mixed around seemingly at random on whatever silhouette Nike is pushing at the time, typically the Air Force 1 has become the Easter shoe. I understand why they do it but why are we as consumers still putting up with the lack of effort Nike puts forth in regards to their Easter sneakers releases? Why do we not complain about the lack of creativity? Is it because we’re too focused on the fact that our seasonal depression is lifting? The snows melting so we can finally wear all the new kicks we accumulated over the course of the winter?

What ever the reasoning us consumers need to push back on the lack of creativity of Nikes Easter releases and be the change that we want. Unless many of you don’t care and are just buying the shoes to resell them, but even then people are going to begin to realize it’s just the same sneaker year in and year out d the price will drop and now you’re losing money. Just something to think about. I would never do such a thing as using a seasonal holiday for my own benefit, no way I write an entire blog about Easter shoes I don’t care about. Never.

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