Christmas L's (Why Edmonton Needs a Sneaker Boutique)

If there is one thing in the entire world I may the best at it’s catching steaming hot L’s while trying to cop sneakers. This is my plea to the sneaker industry, I am begging you to please give more Canadian stores accounts for high end sneakers, please. Over the past few days post Christmas I have been furiously trying to cop sneakers of all makes and models through boxing day sales and just regular drops and I have taken anywhere between 30-40 L’s over the course of three days and I am tired of it. I understand that with COVID-19 restrictions online ordering is really the only way to drop sneakers at this point in time and that’s fine but please when this is all over we need in store releases and we need them in Canada.


I understand that Canada gets lots of the high end or hyped drops but the sneaker industry needs to realize that Canada is much more than just Toronto and Montreal, there are vibrant sneaker scenes all across the country that get no shine and no respect from brands like Nike and Jordan. Being in Edmonton myself I am going to be speaking to Edmonton’s sneaker scene. Edmonton has a bustling sneaker scene, the amount of people in this city that are sneakerheads would shock the big brands, we’ve got resale stores like “From Another”, people hustling for kicks and one of the only “House of Hoops” in the country but somehow still get no respect. Bots are taking over the online sneaker release game and it making it exponentially harder to cop grails than ever before, but even before it was a grind because of my location.

Whenever something drops I’ve got every single person in my friends and family hitting these websites trying to help me cop some sneakers and it has been L after L after L online. We need a luxury sneaker boutique in Edmonton more than anything. There is no doubt in my mind a luxury sneaker boutiques would thrive in Edmonton but the only issue is that stores ability to receive a high end account with a company like Nike. For the most part Nike just grandfathers in their high level accounts so the ability to receive a new account would be next to impossible. I am going to use this platform to begin highlighting my favourite parts of Edmonton’s growing sneaker scene so down the road there is a hard copy of reasons why Edmonton should receive a big time Nike/Jordan/Adidas account and how it will not only survive but thrive.

(Above link is a must read)

I will wait in line for days for sneakers if it means I even have a shot at a grail. I would rather wait in the freezing cold for a pair of coveted kicks and prove that I truly want them rather than hit up 20 of my closest friends and family to try an online release that has been wiped clean by resellers with bots. If I see one more picture of some guy sitting in a room with 100 pairs of off-white 1’s just a day or two after a release my brain might legitimately melt and pour out of my ears. As someone who doesn’t have the financial ability to bot sneakers every single time something I want for the collection drops I am here begging for the opportunity to just wait in a line like the old days. Waiting in lines weeds out a high number of resellers who are only going to be able to cop a single pair so its not worth their time and it focuses the sneaker distribution towards the people who legitimately love sneakers and want to collect and wear their kicks.

Please Nike/Adidas/Jordan/NB if you are seeing this, Edmonton deserves a top end account with your company. Follow along and you’ll see what I mean.

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