Brush Up On Your Sneaker Knowledge.

I understand that at this point in time the majority of the people reading this aren’t super familiar with sneakers because it s a lot of my friends and family so I thought as the leader in the sneaker media space (self declared) I would use my platform to put people onto some other sneaker media personalities so that they can really diversify their base sneaker knowledge. Am I doing so, so that I have other people to talk sneakers with? Yes. Are these guys my competition so the top spot in the sneaker media world? Yes. Is it a competition between the following media members and myself? No. I’m Jordan in his prime and these guys are Reggie Miller and the Pacers. All jokes aside these are the people I’ve looked up to and continue to look up to, they better be keeping an eye on the rear view though cause your boy is coming.

Joe La Puma

In regards to current sneaker media JLP is the OG, the GOAT the guy that everyone knows but doesn’t quiet understand how much he means to the sneaker media sphere. Best known for his YouTube series “Sneaker Shopping” JLP also is one of the driving forces behind Complex and everything that they do in the fashion and sneaker world, host of the popular “Complex Sneakers Podcast” and a real Jack of all trades in regards to the sneaker media world. It’s impossible to talk about the sneaker media world without bringing up one of the GOATS. This is the man that gives me inspiration in so many facets of my life. Whether its work ethic or style JLP is second to none.

“Full Size Run” Crew

Matt Welty, Brendan Dunne and Trinidad James. These guys PUT IN THE WORK. Trinidad James is the high fashion secretary of drip in the group whereas Welty and Dunne are as close to sneaker encyclopedias as you can possibly be. While watching their interviews on their aforementioned YouTube show (on the sole collector YT page) you can tell that these guys operate on a whole other level from the rest of the sneaker media world, churning out facts, history and opinions while still being as entertaining as they are in their day to day is something that I strive for. Dunne and Welty also co-host the “Complex Sneakers Podcast” with JLP who I mentioned before which is an absolute must listen week to week. The Dunne/Welty combo really shine on the podcast because they manage to blow away each and every guest they have with their level of knowledge, these guys seem to know about the interviewee and they know about themselves and what makes it so interesting is they have so much knowledge of sneakers at every single level industry. These guys are someone you should definitely keep on your radar.

Seth Fowler

Seth Fowler is a sneaker YouTube personality but don’t paint him into that box, he is also a sneaker designer with a few collaborations under his belt as well as an entrepreneur. Seth really has it going on at every level, his sneaker collabs with the brand “We Are Underdogs” based out of Portugal are some of the coldest sneakers around outside of the big time sneaker brands. The only collab that Seth has that I could never rock are a colourway of his signature shoe that was inspired by his favourite NFL team the Baltimore Ravens, that’s more personal distain for the Ravens than anything else. Part of his entrepreneurial endeavors includes a sock company “Apothecary” which seems to churn out the perfect complimenting colourways of socks to go alongside big time releases from the major brands.

I didn’t want to keep this too long or nerdy but there are countless people that have pushed sneaker media and subsequently the sneaker industry forward. People like Bobbito Garcia, Marc Ecko, Bradley Carbone and so many more. This is more me fan boying than anything but I thought I would put you all onto some people that I really learned the bulk of my sneaker knowledge from.

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