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BLOG #1: "Who is this guy?!"

Welcome to “The Sneaker Ciamp” (pronounced CHAMP). This is the first of many blogs diving deep into sneaker culture and everything that’s going on in the sneaker world, but for now, here is the intro. All I ever think about is sneakers, from the second I wake up until I’m laying in bed dreaming about “Shattered Backboard 1’s” or “Kith AF1’s”. I can only dream because the odds I ever end up with either of those are lower than ‘Supreme’ pivoting from skate boarding to chess. Dreaming about grails and chasing every opportunity to cop a new or favorite pair is something I live for. Little bit of background on me and my place in the sneaker community is that I’m a sneaker nerd and collector. I’m from the great white north (Edmonton, Alberta representing) where you can find the odd person who knows about sneakers but to find someone who is passionate about them whether it’s a hypebeast or a sneaker nerd like myself is next to impossible! My brain is always full of these random thoughts about the sneaker industry, designs and what’s hot but don’t I really have an outlet to talk about them ad nauseam. There are the few guys I’ve slowly converted into sneakerheads over the last few years solely so that I have someone to talk about sneakers with and shout out to those guys for always listening. (Emerson and Aaron you guys are real ones).

"Shattered Backboard" Jordan 1

Growing up in Edmonton there was never a huge a huge presence when it comes to sneakers, which I totally get based off the fact that its winter for EIGHT MONTHS OF THE YEAR and we never get any of the big drops! I’ve always been into shoes and sneakers stemming from my background in sports but didn’t know much past the superficial layer of sneakers. “Oh that looks cool” “This is what Kobe wears” and “I like that color” was the extent of my knowledge until I hit high school, even then I was learning about all these trends and backstories behind shoes but never had the money to buy a $200 pair. The only chance I ever had was when it was back to school and I always used that pair as my gym shoes because I was always more interested in the performance side of sneakers at that point. I remember I had this old pair of Draft Day Kobe V’s that I would wear everyday in gym until they were worn out and couldn’t fit anymore (not a day goes by now that I don’t think about where those shoes are now…)

"Draft Day" Kobe 5

I’m going to be posting up on here three times a week and its going to cover what’s dropping, the stories behind certain sneaker, my own personal past and future sneaker copping stories of trying to go to the ends of the earth to buy sneakers in Canada and any big news in the world of sneakers! I like to think of myself as an unbiased opinion. I know what I like and sometimes that’s not always the most “hyped” release but I’m aware of that though and along the way my personal taste in sneakers will come out. Don’t take anything on here that seriously, if I don’t like something and go in on it that doesn’t mean it’s not a good sneaker! WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE! Try not to get caught up in all the hype or exclusivity that’s how your perception gets warped, if you like it and they make you happy go for it, who cares! Make your style your own and do you!

Except those FILA Dino stompers, please don’t do that… ever.

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