Black Air Forces Are Sold Out, Stay Save Out There

Nike released more triple black Air Force 1’s to the general public in a general release manner and they sold out, FAST. This bodes well for Nike but not for the general safety of our local bodegas and convenience stores. It’s rare that a general release by Nike sells out at all because of the sheer number of pairs that had been out into production coupled with the fact that most GR sneakers release over and over again so everyone who wants a pair has one.

The negative connotation that surround the black Air Force is well know around the sneaker world so the news that Nike has sold out of one of their most infamous silhouettes is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time. Black Air Force 1’s make you 3X faster when committing petty crimes so if you see a gang of twelve year olds rolling up to you on their scooter with black forces on you better cross the road. I’ll throw up some of the best black AF1 memes I can find just so everyone can truly appreciate the sneaker itself...

Possibly the greatest video to ever exist:

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