Best Things I've Seen This Week (Nov 29-Dec 5 2020)

1. Terry Fox Ultra Boost

This one is the most important story of the week. Even though 90% of the world doesn’t know who Terry Fox is they should. Adidas is launching a Terry Fox inspired Ultra Boost with all proceeds going towards cancer research. The colourway is inspired by the shoes Terry Fox wore on his cross country run 40 years ago. The silhouette itself is different from Terry’s original shoes but rather it’s what Adidas Canada believes Terry would have worn if he were to embark in the current day and age. The navy blue along with the maple leaf accented tongue is toned down and super clean, a shoes anyone can wear casually. If you have a soul you should be getting on Adidas Canada’s website December 8th.

2. Kawhi’s Newest Colourway

New Balance is dropping a new winter inspired Colourway of Kawhis self titled signature shoe. The colourway keeps with the cartoon inspired aesthetic, much like New Balances previous iterations of the “KAWHI”. The tongue has an image of a frozen basketball being grasped by what looks to be the claw of an abominable snow man which seems to be a winter inspired call back to Kawhi’s nickname “the claw”. The icey cool blue colour of the upper and outsole makes this a big time drip for any hoopers in your life for Christmas.

3. John Geigers GF-01 New Colourway

Pic: @Johngeiger (IG/Twitter)

Designer John Geiger is again coming for necks with his GF-01. This time around the timeless silhouette inspired by the iconic "Airforce 1" is getting a teal and peach colourway inspired by Miami’s “Art Basel” yearly instillation. The quality of the pebbled leather is unbelievable and the Geiger logo that emblazons the upper of the shoe seems to made made of a knit material giving this sneaker both high fashion as well as casual vibes. These are releasing on December 12th.

4. "Lucky Kithmas"

@Kith (IG)

Now this one is in the realm of sneakers without actually being about kicks but this is MY personal dream come true. Kith Treats, the cereal and ice cream inspired snack shop that Ronnie Fieg has added to all of his Kith shops has collaborated with different General Mills cereals before but this time with a holiday spin. Kith is releasing a collection including holiday inspired clothing co-branded “Merry Kithmas” some of these article include sweaters and t-shirts. The cherry on top however are boxes of of “Lucky Kithmas” cereal which are boxes of lucky charms with Ronnie's finishing touches and signature colour palette. For a lucky few online customers they will also receive a surprise box of marshmallows only in the same colour palette of the cereal that’s being released.

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